Peshwa Bajirao 8th August 2017 Episode 142

Video watch Peshwa Bajirao 8th August 2017 Episode 142. Peshwa Bajirao 8 August 2017 Episode sony tv online. Download Peshwa Bajirao 8 August 2017 Episode Youtube.

Aired Time: 8th August 2017
Video Source:, Dailymotion
Serial Owner: Sony TV All Rights Reserved.

Peshwa Bajirao 8th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode jumps with Chima ji effective Baji that you have the right on this foil etc. Baji says I faith you very much, and says we both have same gore and same mission. He says Shahu ji said right that shastra and shhastra are significant. He says we both are one now. You shall gross care of Shhastra, I will take care of Shastra. Chima ji says he will never permission him and thanks him for the faith. They share a hug. Gotiya also embraces them. Kashi is hiking like Peshwin Bai. Rakhma and Anu bai funs. Kashi requests why they are smiling and say she will be peshwin Bai now and rational to make her representation made. Rakhma says 20-30 days will be taken for the same.

Kashi says it is problematic to be Peshwin Bai. Bhiu comes and asks Kashi to reason about Baji, and says you have to understand that Peshwin Bai have to do many expenses. Kashi says she reasons about Baji all the time and has written his name in full book. Bhiu claims and requests what people will say about you. Bhiu says why anyone will say. Bhiu goes. Anubai requests Kashi not to get hurt and reason about Bhiu’s words.

Baji originates home. Bhiu gets ready property the aarti plate. Kashi takes the bowl from her hand and says it is her right to receive him with aarti. She does his aarti and greetings him calling Peshwa Saheb. He cheers her and says Peshwin Bai. He asks where Aayi Saheb is.

Mastani requests Chhatrasal to open his eyes. Jagatraj and Rani come there. Jagatraj requests Rani if he will get well. Rani expresses that she has given him poison and speaks him will be weak on the bed now. She speaks she is giving him less drug. She says he thought to make his newer son as king, she can’t let him prosper and that’s why this did. She questions Jagatraj to develop king soon and take everybody on his side before his newer brother could know anything. Mastani hears them and is surprised. Rani campaigns to slay Vaid if he originates to know about their fact.

Baji derives to Radha and bits her feet. Radha recollections his childhood. Baji asks if she is happy. Radha says yes. Mastani originates to Rajya Vaid’s house. He is surprised to see her and hides her in his house seeing Rani pending there. Rani knocks on the entrance. He opens the gate. Rani says she wants to talk to him. Baji requests Radha to make him wear the turban like she did in his baby. Radha makes him wear Peshwa’s turban and makes him have sweet.

Gangadhar expresses that Peshwa is late on first day itself. Just formerly Baji comes and sits on his singhasan. He memories his Baba. Chima ji says shall we twitch. Gangadhar says he is rational what to say. Baji says he is here to fulfill his errands rather than creation fake potentials.

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