Beyhadh 8th August 2017 Episode 216

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Aired Time: 8th August 2017
Video Source:, Dailymotion
Serial Owner: Sony TV All Rights Reserved.

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Arjun nourishes water to Saanjh and asks if she is fine. He recalls their relationship. Saanjh nods yes. Arjun says he feels really horrifying if he sees her in anxiety. Maya overhears police coming. Ranveer reaches with his team and asks them to be alert as Arjun may be with a team and can do whatsoever. He orders sergeant to break door and enters go down. He sees empty chair and dead Rajeev subsiding on him. He then sees Arjun holding blood discolored knife and point gun on him and warns to drop knife. Maya comes from behind. Inspector is surprised seeing her alive. Maya says Rajeev was possessed with her and wanted to trap Arjun, Arjun saved her and killed Rajeev during the process.

Ranveer asks Arjun if it is true. Arjun says yes, it is true; he killed Rajeev to save his love. Maya says Rajeev was pestering her since years and he can check police records. Ranveer asks where Saanjh is. Maya actions and asks why will Saanjh come here, Arjun came here alone to save her. Ranveer asks officers to search place. They search and say no one is here. Ranveer say sorry Arjun for misinterpretation him and says he is saved from getting an blameless punished.

Arjun holds Maya furiously. Maya says if he hurts her, Saanjh will be in worry. He says if something happens to Saanjh, she will lose him. She says she knows and if her men don’t get her orders within 6 hours, Saanjh will kill. Arjun warns if something happens to Saanjh, he will kill her. They head near Mmbai with police.

Suman with Shubh beautifies house happily to welcome Arjun and Saanjh and enfolds Jahnvi eagerly. Doorbell rings. Shubh opens entrance. Arjun walks in. Shubh requests where is did. Maya enters and speaks not didi, bhabhi. Suman asks Saanjh. Maya embraces Jahnvi and says Saanjh is where she has to be. Suman slaps her and asks where is Saanjh. Maya cautions dare not to touch her again, else she will lose Saanjh. Suman asks again. Maya gets MMS and says Arjun and Saanjh’s assembly is awesome, she shows Saanjh being knotted to a chair and says only she knows where Saanjh is and she will be safe until I am preserved well.

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