Beyhadh 2nd August 2017 Episode 212

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Aired Time: 2nd August 2017
Video Source:, Dailymotion
Serial Owner: Sony TV All Rights Reserved.

Beyhadh 2nd August 2017 Episode 212 Written Update

In today episode of beyhadh Arjun hears the voice of Maya in tape recorder. After hearing he says whenever you hide, I will find because I hate you and deserves his hatred. He suddenly looks Maya that is passing and he speak her name in low voice and ran behind her. On the other side Saanjh is walking in Jungle and keep eye on all side. Suddenly someone throw knife on her, it hits tree and she saves. She become afraid and start running in Jungle. A man that throw knife is Samay. He continuously following Saanjh. On her way, there are some bamboos in group form. Samay throw bamboos on her and she fells.

Arjun following Maya but she escape. He stands and look like a looser. He again hears Maya’s voice. Arjun feels voice is comming from the cart of groundnut vendor. He throw groundnut on ground and gets tap recorder. Maya says we will where we meet first time. He reminds hot air balloon meeting. Arjun stops auto sit inside and ask driver to take him to nearby mountain cliff. Samay wears hooded jacket and follows Saanjh. She is continuously running in Jungle. Samay thinks Saanjh don’t change herself and she is innocent and believes everyone. She again run and in a way her leg trapped in a steel claw. She injures her leg and she calling Arjun. She see a man stand in the front if her wearing a hooded jacket.

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Arjun reach near the mountain he could’t find Maya and he again hear voice of Maya in tape recorder. He finds tape recorder lay on plant and note is attached on it. Saanjh asks who are you. He bends and removes hook. Saanjh is shocked When she look Samay. He says in his own style Samay never dies, and I will get back Maya when she will see Arjun dying. Arjun reaches a place and search her. He give a photo of Saanjh to passer and asks do you see this girl. I see this girl falling from bus and after that she go into Jungle. Aujun ran into Jungle calling her name. Saanjh tries to run but she fall in the grass pit. Samay creat this for Saanjh. Maya watchs and enjoy a lot.

Samay drops petrol on her and around grass pit. Saanjh calling Arjun and says no. Arjun finds Saanjh’s imagines and he continues running and call Daski. He again find Saanjh’s earring. Samay spare on saanjh and he says if you die then I will get Maya. Saanjh says she don’t love you and she is playing again with you. Samay says she loves me only, Saanjh you will feel a bit of pain in the start but after some time everything will fine because Arjun will come behind you. Saanjh crying again. Maya watches and smiles. Arjun reaches on the spot and fight start between them.

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